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What are Custom Cabinets?

Custom cabinets can not be purchased at large stores. They are made to order. You should not hear, "we can't do that" during the design process. The custom cabinet is built of materials of a high quality that will withstand a lot more use than a box cabinet. The most out standing aspect of custom cabinets is that there are far more features that can be customized than those that cannot.

Are Custom Cabinets more expensive?

Custom cabinets are not necessarily more expensive. Many people mess up really bad when they get prices for cabinets. You must always make sure that you are getting prices for the exact same list of accessories. The best way to "price shop" for cabinets is to go to the custom shop first, we can much more easily list exactly which features you are getting than the box stores. You always need to price the whole job as the box store will charge separately for some essential items that will not be reflected properly when comparing only select cabinets.

Why should you use custom Cabinets?


You will never have to regret your decision when you choose custom cabinets! They are very durable because they are made of high quality materials. During the design process you will not be limited by a standard, thereby your kitchen will feel the way you want it to feel and function. You will get all the features you desire. The color will be the one you prefer, not just the one you chose from the box.

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