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Introduction to Homemade Blogging!

That is right, Homemade! I have not done this before! I think it will be a ride, one that you can take with me, for free! Hang on tight, here we go.

So if you are reading this, you have very likely had a direct connection with our company at one point or another in the past. You already know that we are a family business operating in the rural Flat Rock area, that is, south central Illinois along the east side. We are delighted that you chose our custom cabinets for your home. We are confident that you have had a pleasant experience with us through your project.

We are excited to be present online now! We know that there is a lot of work to do in building a presence that is attractive. We may have bitten off more than we can chew. Please be patient with us as we pursue our lofty goals!

Please feel free to share things to us via any of the social media links listed on our web site. That will help us greatly to add variety to the pages!

This blog page we are hoping to be a means of reaching out to our audience online. We think it can be a way for our customers to stay in touch. We hope to cover a wide variety of topics. I am trying to motivate my brothers to write here as well, and of course Dad. Hopefully I can setup for comments below.

We are in the middle of a really good year that started out of our control, meaning we were so busy we could hardly cope. By now we have regained a manageable schedule. We still have plenty of work to do and are showing decent profit. There seems to be a steady flow of new clients showing up.

There is talk around about changing a few things in the manufacturing department. We seem to have a shortage of workforce. Our idea is to see if we can incorporate CNC technology into the shop. We already have design software with a capability that is important to that process. We are also attracted to the capabilities of the CNC from the perspective that it will make other operations more efficient as well as adding other capabilities to our shop.

Maybe we will find a way to use our scrap in a productive way. Or create smaller items that can be sold right here on our website. Sometimes I am sad that I quit wood turning and briefly consider picking it up again. I guess I could list the items I still have here and see if it will spark any interest.

Well I guess I need to move on to the next project and leave this with you! I am looking forward to see how the home made blog turns out!

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