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Peaceful Valley Cabinetry

Custom Cabinets Flat Rock IL

How can we help?

  We can help in many ways. Our work ranges from high end to low end, from remodel to new construction, from standard to non-standard.


  We are able to match and replicate many styles and finishes.


  We design for function and durability.

  Delivery available to many states.


  We believe that the kitchen is a central location in your home. Because everyone in your home will pass through it daily, it should be built to withstand the rigorous use. Since it's functionality is essential, it is to your best interest to build the rest of your house around your kitchen.

  We hope you will see us in the early stages of your project to allow yourself more options of functionality.

  You will need to allow yourself a minimum of four week for us to build your project, after it has been finalized.

Design Process.

  When you make contact with us, you can expect to get an appointment. If you already have a floor plan your appointment should be at our facilities. Otherwise, we will need to meet at the job site. We can then create a floor plan for you, along with 3D images, and perspectives if needed.

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