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Designing With Romance

Stale Relations

I met a friend the other night! That is nothing uncommon. It was a friend that I don't get to talk to very often! Still nothing very uncommon. He is one of those friends that it seems I never

can talk to long enough! There that one may be not as common! OK, finally. I still am trying to figure out if I can't talk with him long enough because he seldom draws the same conclusion that I do, or I don't agree with him. However, the debates have not caused any ill feelings that have not been repaired, as far as I know. That does not say that we have ultimately agreed on the topics of discussion.

He asked me to look up the weather forecast. I told him partly cloudy with 25% chance of thunderstorm (after I had looked it up). We made a bit of small talk about that forecast, to which I concluded with: “You have to remember that they make the stuff (meaning the weather)!” I was referring to a debate that is static between us, concerning weather modification.

I have no way of knowing how much you know about weather modification or geoengineering, that is only a secondary topic is this blog. I hope you will look into this subject with less disbelief than my friend.

Find out more about our weather at

You can find all kinds of important documentation HERE.

Conflict or Compliment

The conversation that followed my taunt turned toward news and politicians, from that conversation came the seed for this blog.

He asked me what my source of news is, which made my feel bad, having to tell him that I don't depend on any particular source. I knew he was trying to discredit my opinion based my source of news. I of course returned the question. This response was as expected, ready, and to the point. Our conversation continued.

It was not until the weekend had passed that I really put the whole conversation into


I think it is really neat as it applies very well to many areas of life, as well as to the design aspect of our business.

Now, if we look more closely at the point in focus, which is, the choice of news sources. My friend depends on specific sources, which is not necessarily wrong. Because he has committed himself to those particular sources, and identifies himself by them, by default he is borrowing the ideas from those sources. I think everyone should have his own opinion and not just clone other people's ideas.

My observation of news is done in small increments, over a vast array of topics and sources. My sources range from one extreme to the other. They are made with an open mind, considering what it looks like from other angles. This places me in a very unique position for finding, the often evasive truth.

Custom Cabinets and Romance

You can use this same approach when you begin looking and designing your home or remodeling project! There is nothing wrong with using other peoples ideas, they are often good, but they are original to someone else. If you are able to look at a lot of different ideas, and choose a combination that you can identify with, you will have a project that is original to you!

Do not forget to work together with your spouse while you design your project. When you bring in ideas from an other personality, there will be an extra touch that you can share in a romantic kind of way.

We are here to help you as a custom cabinet builder! We have the capability to bring all of

your ideas together into one very unique project. It will be a set of cabinets that fits your needs precisely. With so many different ideas together in one place you will not need to worry that someone else has designed a set of custom cabinets like this before!

Have you ever thought about what happens when you bring two unique things together? For a simple example think about marriage. It is often said that no two people are the same, which I think is not a wrong conclusion. Now here is the interesting thing. When God puts together (in marriage union) two people (each with unique personalities), the resulting relationship is doubly unique! Is that not a very awesome observation?

I think you will enjoy applying this same concept to your custom cabinet project as well as various other aspects of your life! The resulting theme will make your home feel just the way you want it to feel! Hopefully we will have the privilege of helping you bring your ideas into reality!

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