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Premier Introduction!

Well, here I am! I can not imagine that I have been unable to write since I've started this blog page! I guess the dog who gets fed more will win. My job description has changed, while I was not writing. I am now in sales and design full-time. I do enjoy my job immensely, which is good. We hired a secretary early this year. Knowing the finances are taken care of is very nice. We have had a good year so far. There were various times that we thought we would not stay busy. Somehow those times have worked out to be just fine. I am currently working on a big new project! We are preparing a web presence for the project. It is set to publish about the same time as this blog. We are expanding into another industry! I will share with you the introduction I wrote for the new website.

Coming Soon!

First of all, THANK YOU for visiting our website! We are excited to share with you about our new business, Interiors Premier! Currently known as, AK Supply, the store is located on the 1400 block of Main Street, Robinson Illinois, in a section of the old Save-A-Lot building. Interiors Premier is being created by Peaceful Valley Cabinetry. The closing date is December 21, 2018. We will be closed for making some critical changes to the showroom. You may follow progress by liking our Facebook page. Our Goal

Our goal is to create a space in which you are able to choose colors and styles for your home remodel project. We hope to assist with designing the things visible on the inside and outside of your home.

The object is to create that space where all the colors can be seen together. You will be able to see and feel a lot of samples. Being able to place different samples next to each other is often critical when making such distinctive choices. Currently, AK Supply is primarily a flooring store offering all types of flooring. They are also offering building supplies such as doors, windows, light fixtures, siding, trim, pole-barn packages and much more. To add to that, we will be stocking more product lines and adding products such as wall paint, cabinets, counter-tops, back-splash, appliances, and roofing. There will be many other items available as well. Our local market has a high demand for more inexpensive prices. We will be able to accommodate that demand within reason. However, our business model requires us to seek out the best and the very best products. We envision offering a quality product at a competitive price. But we will not forget the House-flippers and the landlords who are always searching for the best value for their money. Come see us! There is a salesman from Peaceful Valley Cabinetry in the showroom two days per week, every week. Appointments are welcome if you prefer. The kitchen designer is in the showroom Tuesday and Thursday regularly. We sincerely hope that you will be able to stop by to see us at some point. This is an invitation to come in for a meet and greet! We can show you around while you get a feel for what we are all about!

So there you are! Great things will happen in the future! The question is if this will leave a perceivable effect whether positive or otherwise. I will be writing more in a different blog post! Stay tuned!


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